Before You Say I Do by Nuri Muhammad

Before You Say I Do by Nuri Muhammad

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The ultimate powerbase of the black man and woman is the family. In family we learn our past and define our future and occasionally because of family we redefine our future. The rise of the Black man and woman will be a direct reflection of the elevation of the family. Our families nurture us and are the lens through which we first view the world.

The initial establishment of a relationship creates a dynamic ripple effect that can either negatively or positively impact the soul of the person for generations to come. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan once said, "they breed horses better than they breed people" meaning that more care and consideration goes into preserving and extending the blood line of thorough-bred horses than goes into perfecting and evolving the human being.

When Allah (God) is the true center of the relationship, then god's come forward and progress is unlimited, but when Allah (God) is an afterthought, then the progress of the couple is limited, stymied and erratic at best. In his first book, Bro. Nuri Muhammad wants to create a paradigm shift, wherein the reader will evolve to see family as the perfect reflection of the first Allah's self-creation and that family formation in this critical time must be seen as the foundation of dynasties. We are not only living in the now, we are creating the future through our words, deeds and actions.

That which is done out of sync with the time is done in vain and is born from a reptilian mindset. The entire existence of reptiles can be categories as a struggle to ensure three primary and primal needs-food, procreation (sex) and the seeking of shelter from the elements. For far too many people these same primal needs have become the motivating foundation for entering into relationships. We can no longer as a people afford to think only in terms of the now, we must think in terms of the future perfect tense.

Before You Say 'I Do' is the distillation of countless, counselling and practical application into a book conceived and designed to encourage not just lip-profession, but practical application of the mathematical formula for the formation of relationships not based on this worlds concepts of 'dating' but in accordance to the Divine Laws and commandments of God. In this book, the reader will learn the difference between dating and courting and the effect of each mind-set on the formation of relationships.

Ultimately, the reader will be challenged to determine for themselves if they are forming a relationship for the now or establishing a righteous dynasty for the future.