You "Come-to-Power"  Only When You "Come-to-a-Point" by SuZar

You "Come-to-Power" Only When You "Come-to-a-Point" by SuZar

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Power is at the Point. Exudes, shoots, radiates from the Point, as shown by Kirlian photographs of pyramids. Only when the spellbound Parent Race of HuHuManity (especially the BLAK Woman, its Mother), "Comes-To-A-Point," will it "Come-To-Power." Regain its hijacked power, hence be able to resteer the world from Planetcide. The Point is the Intersection of Life's two Polarities. This Intersection is where "Creation Happens." The Center-Point is supposed to be BLAK, like the eye-Pupil. When the PupilCenter is white it is a "DEAD center." Cannot generate Power, thus is a Vampire. Like no other people, Blaks have been /are being vampirised for their abundant Power. Revelations, insights, solutions