Mucuna Pruriens Capsules

Mucuna Pruriens Capsules

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Mucuna Pruriens provides a neurotransmitter pre-cursor called L-Dopa. L-Dopa is the amino acid compound from which your body makes Dopamine. As a regular part of the diet, Mucuna Pruriens provides many benefits. Among the long list are: enhancing libido and sexual capacity, optimizing testosterone production and improved mood and energy.

Mucuna Pruriens common names include Velvet Bean, Cow-Itch (because the red hairs on the outside of the pods can cause a cow's tongue to itch) and Buffalo Bean. It is a vine that grows up to 50 feet or more

Why use Mucuna Pruriens

  • Improves cognitive function

  • Increases focus

  • Enhances mood

  • Improves sexual performance